About Hit Country Music Lyrics

As you can probably guess by the title of this website, we are dedicated to the country music genre. This is a music genre that has come through many generations and shows no indication of becoming the music of the past anytime soon.

In order to help contribute to the passion of keeping country music alive, our site is dedicated to the education of music lovers who as yet have not learned to appreciate the value of this type of music. Or it is also for those who already have a love for it and have a desire to learn more about it.

Some of the information that we cover here goes back in time. We want to create an atmosphere where our visitors could learn about the past, present and future of this type of music. While there is a multitude of both male and female country music artists as well as groups that we could have centered our attention on. we chose a few of each to use as an example.

To broaden your scope of thinking about country music, we also touched on the different sub-genres of this type of music. This may help with some of the controversies as to what fits into the country music categories.

We also wanted to share a little bit of basic knowledge about the Country Music Hall of Fame so you can get an idea of how important the preservation of the history of this type of music is, as well as who is currently being recognized in the industry.

It is our hope that you will leave our site with a greater insight and appreciation for country music on the whole.