Best Selling Country Music Albums

Country music can be enjoyed song by song or, if you love an artist, album by album. Many artists strive to produce albums and always with the hopes that it will top the music charts and create record sales. Those who are fans often look forward to the release of their favorite artist’s albums, some even pre-purchasing the album. While there have been tons of country music albums created, some really stand out.

The Chase

None other than the very famous Garth Brooks created this stunning album. But then again nothing less than perfection would be expected from this iconic country music artist.This album was a definite hit with its nine times platinum sales. and its sale of over 403,000 copies during the first week of its release.


One would be most shocked not to see an album created by the Dixie Chicks being mentioned. This album hailed a ten times platinum selling record. Added to their list of most impressive and outstanding albums in Wide Open Spaces. It to date has topped in with a twelve times platinum.

The Woman In Me

What is so wonderful about the best-released albums is that they are a mix of male artists as well as groups and also single female vocalists catering to country music like Shania Twain who is the creator of The Woman In Me. This album became number two in the best selling albums created by Shania. It was released back in 1995 and is still a favourite of many. This particular album was so impressive that it received a nomination for the best country album in 1995 and in 1996 won a Grammy for it.

Buying albums are probably the most efficient way of building a collection of music being produced by your most favorite country music artists.