Country Music in the UK

One may think of the U.S. and Nashville in particular when they are thinking about prominent country music artists. However, this is not the only country or region that should be noted for their contribution to this music genre. The UK has their own fair share of very impressive country music artists that are highly recognized as being the best of the best when it comes to country music offerings.

The Shires

With much hard work, this duo has added to their accolades with the release of their album Brave. They have become recognized as being the first country act in the UK to be the producers of a top ten album. This has gained them the recognition of being the biggest UK country album producers. No small feat to say the least. This duo is made up of Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle.

These are not the only country music artists that the UK can be proud of ; two upcoming country stars are also on this list. This is two sisters by the name of Catherine and Lizzy Ward who are taking the UK by storm with their outstanding country music performances, and will no doubt give country music artists around the world a run for their money. One of the many attributes that these young ladies have that set them apart from the rest is their ability for them both to be lead singers.

If one were to ask them who their inspiration was most likely you would hear that it was the Dixie Chicks. They began their journey into the country music world by first becoming songwriters.

One may not say that country music always takes front stage in the UK but not many would argue that it is not an important part of the music industry that is here. It is estimated that country music in the UK amounts to about 2.3% of the album market.