Different Genres of Country Music

There are many different variations of country music and this is what perhaps makes it so intriguing to such a vast and diverse group of music followers. With such a selection, there is often disagreement as to what constitutes country music.

The genre of country music often relates to as where the music is being produced. For example, there is a genre called the Australian Country Music. Then there is Americana and these are just a few examples of region-based country music.

Some of the more common genres are:

  • Bluegrass

Bluegrass can be broken down into further sub-genres called Old time bluegrass, traditional bluegrass, and bluegrass gospel.

  • Alternative Country
  • Urban Cowboy
  • Contemporary Country
  • Traditional Country
  • Country Gospel

Outlaw Country

  • Honky Tonk

Fiddle tunes in the past were suggested as being country music but these were actually classified as Old Time Music.

When looking at the true roots of country music it means looking back at iconic producers and no one was more well known than The Father of Country Music, which was the one and only Jimmy Rodgers. Most noted perhaps for his production of Blue Yodel #1. It doesn’t get much more country than this, and Jimmy was recognized for his country music contributions by being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1961. If one wants to continue going back in time to the roots of traditional country music then it would also mean recognizing Vernon Dalhart with the release of the Wreck of Old 97.

Jumping out of the mainstream of traditional country music means looking at some of the other genres like the Alternative Country Music. This was a genre that became recognized in the 1990’s. Alternative Country Music came about during an era when the country music itself was not as popular as it had been in the past and is today.