Most Common Instruments in Country Music

The most common attribute that is noted about country music is often the lyrics and the unique twang. What should be equally noted and recognized for its contribution to this music genre are the instruments that are used to accompany the lyrics. Most think that it is the guitar but there are many more musical instruments that are used in the production of country music.

The Accordion

If you think that this is an instrument that has no role in country music you will be surprised to learn that it has made its mark with its use by Jimmy C. Newman known as a Grand Ole Opry star. It has a Cajun country music flair to it.


Taking a trip back in time and enjoying some fine country music may expose you to the sounds created by the Autoharp. This may mean listening to Ernest Stoneman “Pop” way back in the 1920s. Then moving up in time it was also something that could be enjoyed when listening to country music produced by the Carter family.


The banjo is probably more recognized by country music lovers that are into the old-time hillbilly music or the more commonly noted bluegrass music which is a sub-genre of country music.


This is not an instrument that has been readily accepted in the country music genre. While they have on occasion been used for backup such was the distaste for it that when used at the Grand Old Opry to back up Bob Wills the drummer was not out in plain sight but was made to play behind a closed curtain. Mind you this goes back to 1944.


No one would argue that the fiddle has contributed to the success of country music over the years and still does so today. This instrument in regards to country music goes way back to 1922 and claimed to fame with its use by A.C. “Eck” Robertson.