The Country Music Hall of Fame

When a category of music becomes so popular and recognized like country music, there is often a hall of fame opened and dedicated to the artists and contributors of this genre and country music is no exception.

While many country music artists will equate their success to the number of country music albums they produce and their sales, the arguably greatest honour of recognition they can receive is induction into this Hall of Fame.

Inductions into this entity is not just restricted to the music artists themselves but also includes, broadcasters, producers, songwriters and even executives who have given so much to the industry.

This Country Music Hall of Fame is also a museum that has the responsibility of preserving as much history as possible when it comes to this music genre. It also pays homage to the here and now as well as the future of country music as it is also a research center.

The actual Country Music Hall of Fame came into being in 1961. The first country music artists to be inducted into this entity was Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers along with Fred Rose. These were paying homage to those who historically made country music so popular. The first artist that was alive to be inducted was Roy Acuff in 1962. Over the years there have been many other country artists to receive this honour and moving up to 2017 added to the list have been Jerry Reed along with Alan Jackson plus Don Schlitz.

The process for getting inducted is quite detailed and the yearly inductees average between one to twelve per year. Inductees are nominated from the various categories of country music then votes are taken to see who are the favourites.

Country music has a long history and a loyal following and is constantly being reinvented and evolving.