The Generations of Country Music

While there are many different categories of music, a long time favourite is country music. This is a category of music that has spanned over many different generations.

First Generation

One has to go back to the 1920’s to recognize the introduction of what is truly known as country music. It’s beginning was recognized when the New York City Recording label brought hillbilly music to the public. During this era, the artist that received great notoriety was Fiddlin John Carson.

Second Generation

The second generation encompassed the time span of the 1930s to the 1940s. People in this time enjoyed country music as it was delivered through the barn dance shows.

Third Generation

This brings us to the 1950’s and the 1960s. Here country music was noted under the genre of bluegrass. Artists that were familiar during this time period were Ernest Scruggs, Lester Flatt along with Bill Monroe.

Forth Generation

This is the time of the 1970s and the 1980s. Outlaw country was the buzz of country music for this era along with what was dubbed as country pop. John Denver was the artist of the time who captured the hearts of country music lovers.

Fifth Generation

The 1990s recognized the fifth generation of country music. Garth Brooks provided some of the most well known after country music hits and was closely followed by Alan Jackson. When it came to country music bands the Dixie Chicks were the household name.

Sixth Generation

This is the generation that brings us into today’s era of country music. Many argue that some music deemed country music is today is not to true to the genre’s roots or true sounds. What has taken the place of traditional country music in many respects is what is called country pop. This is brought to country music lovers by artists such as Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line.