The Very Famous Garth Brooks

Throughout the generations of country music, there have been many memorable country music singers, songs and songwriters. With today’s generation, if one were asked who they recognized as being the most famous male country music singer, many would say that it has to be Garth Brooks. This is in part due to the fact that this noteworthy country music artist was able to sway many over to country music who were not fans before hearing his music.

Aside from the awe that Garth creates among his audience, he is also noted for creating some substantial firsts. For example, he is the only music artist to date that holds the record for creating seven diamond awards. This is for the seven albums that he generated that brought in ten million dollars in sales for each album. In United States history the famous Mr. Brooks holds the title of being the best solo artist for sales. Added to all this glory is the many halls of fame that he has been inducted into.

Aside from the lyrics that come with country music, what made Garth stand out among the rest was his ability to take old-time type lyrics that were equated to country music and develop them with a bit of a rock and roll take on them. This presentation is probably what wooed so many non country music listeners over to enjoy this genre of music.

Mr. Brooks is one of those country music artists that comes with a long history and perhaps he can and should be considered as a country music legend. His entry into the music industry began back in 1985 and although there are breaks in his career up until now he is still performing. One of the recent favourites that Garth released was Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance.

Although Garth has had bouts of retirement his loyal fans sincerely hope that permanent retirement is not on the agenda for Garth anytime soon.